Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks:

A perpetual forecast for radio conditions. Yes, unbelievable but it’s true. See for yourself . This will be most helpful to pre-arrange your JOTA radio contacts (Thanks Les Mitchell, G3BHK).



Electronic kit building is a popular activity during the JOTA and related activities. Looking for ideas? Then click the logo.
Looking for a place to order kits and components ready for your Scout kit-building activity? Check out this on-line kitbuilding webshop.



Here’s the map you always wanted: a world map that shows you the actual local times anywhere in the world. It gives you a daylight and night picture, directions to the sun and moon, and, of course, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Great for JOTA!! It can also be installed as a screensaver. Download the self extracting file for your PC now (400kb).


Are you into badge colllecting? Then check out this web site with many and more JOTA badges from around the world.

Want to know if anyone has already sent you an electronic QSL card of the contact you made? Type your call sign in the box below and press “Search”.

Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting!

How can you find the contact address of the radio amateur you’ve just spoken too? Simple: type his call sign in the search box of the QRZ web site. It will present you all the info you need.