A brief summary of key information regarding JOTA-JOTI 2016

Updated: 10 October 2016

An Introduction to JOTA-JOTI

Jamboree On The Air – Jamboree On The Internet (JOTA-JOTI) is an official international event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).  Members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) are also invited to take part.  JOTA-JOTI is a youth programme event intended for young people in Scouting of all ages.

The purpose of JOTA-JOTI is to enable and encourage Scouts (and Guides) around the world to communicate with one another by means of amateur radio and the internet, providing a fun and educational Scouting experience and promoting their sense of belonging to a worldwide Scout Movement / Guide Movement.

At world level, JOTA-JOTI is coordinated by a small team of volunteers; The World JOTA-JOTI Team.  The team reports direct to the World Scout Committee.


When is JOTA-JOTI 2016?

JOTA-JOTI 2016 takes place over the weekend 14th to 16th October.

It is for each JOTA-JOTI location to decide when during the weekend they will be operational.


2016 Theme: Discover Our World

The JOTA-JOTI theme for 2016 is “Discover Our World”.  All those leading JOTA-JOTI events are asked to consider how they can apply the theme to their JOTA-JOTI weekend.

Further information at:


Who is taking part?

You can view a list on all those locations that have registered for JOTA-JOTI 2016 here.  This is a ‘live’ list, that is updated after each registration – you may need to click ‘refresh’ if you have visited the page recenty.



JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partners

jota-joti-trusted-partner-logo-2016This year the World JOTA-JOTI Team have appointed a few projects / organisations as ‘JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partners‘.  The status recognises the considerable contribution that they make to the success of JOTA-JOTI and the fact that they are working with the World JOTA-JOTI Team to help improve JOTA-JOTI for Scouts (and Guides) around the world.

Further information on ‘Trusted Partner’ status is at


Radio contacts

Have you made contact yet with local radio amateurs to enable you to use their equipment?  If not, then you can find contact information via the website of the International Amateur Radio Union.

If you normally only operate the internet element of JOTA-JOTI then you may want to consider inviting along a local radio amateur to your 2016 JOTA-JOTI weekend so that you can plan to use amateur radio during JOTA-JOTI 2017.



Our friends at ScoutLink are preparing for their busiest weekend of the year.  Further information on how to communicate using ScoutLink is available at   They have a useful Guide explaining how to use ScoutLink during JOTA-JOTI.

ScoutLink provide a range of services for JOTA-JOTI including:

●  Internet Relay Chat (IRC), this enables you to chat (via keyboard) to Scouts around the world.  This can be done either using special IRC software or through their website.

●  TeamSpeak, this enables you to talk (voice chat) to Scouts around the world.  Further information on the ScoutLink website.  You will need to download some (free) software, so you may want to try this now rather than waiting until the JOTA-JOTI weekend.

If you have an Android device, then you can download a special ScoutLink App.
ScoutLink operates all year, so now would be a good time to familiarise yourself with their services.

ScoutLink is a JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partner


JOTI TVnews-jotitv

Our friends at operate both the JOTI Café and the Digitial Campfire for JOTA-JOTI.

JOTI Café provides a virtual environment for scouts to meet. With JOTI Café you can meet Scouts while chatting and talking with video.

Digital Campfire provides a virtual photogallery of hundreds of Scouts from around the globe.
Both facilities are already operational so you can test their website now. Further information on both projects is at is a JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partner



If you are planning to take part in JOTA then you may want to arrange a SKED (prearranged contact).  To arrange a SKED please email and follow the instructions in the automated reply that you will receive.



2016 badgeThe official world badge for JOTA-JOTI 2016 is available from World Scout Shops.  A larger badge (designed for your campfire blanket) and a smaller metal badge is also available along with other JOTA-JOTI related merchandise.

You can view the JOTA-JOTI items via



Minecraft is one of the new additions to JOTA-JOTI. You can use the services offered by ScoutLink to enjoy Minecraft during the JOTA-JOTI weekend.

Further information at and


Where to upload information

Information on your JOTA-JOTI adventures and information can be uploaded to a variety of locations:

During JamPuz you can upload photographs and stories to our Facebook page, to the JOTA-JOTI Logbook (using hastag JOTAJOTI), to your Twitter account (using hashtag #JOTAJOTI) or to Instagram (using hastag #JOTAJOTI).  At the end of your JOTA-JOTI experience there is an online form to submit the JIDs you collect and provide your feedback.

Log Book
Our JOTA-JOTI Log Book is for you to upload stories and photographs from your JOTA-JOTI adventures – (using hashtag #JOTAJOTI) – If you do not already have a user account / profile for the website then you will need to create one (you will have needed a account in order to register for JOTA-JOTI 2016).  You can also use the Log Book to share photos of your JamPuz cards, you completing some of our challenges, and generally enjoying your JOTA-JOTI experience.

It would be great if you could publish details of your JOTA-JOTI challenges etc on-line.  This could be on your own website, to our Facebook page, to the JOTA-JOTI Logbook (using hastag JOTAJOTI), to your Twitter account (using hashtag #JOTAJOTI), to Instagram (using  our hashtag JOTAJOTI) or to our YouTube Channel.


Challenges and Activities

A series of challenges and activities to complete during JOTA-JOTI are on the official JOTA-JOTI website.  For some of these you will need to undertake some preparatory work – so you may want to review the challenges and activities available.

You are encouraged to submit photographs and information of your challenges and activities to our Facebook page and a special series of pages on the website.  If you do not already have a log in for the website then you are advised to create a login.


J Codes

Have you heard of “J Codes” before?  These enable you to communicate with others without sharing a common language.  Simple questions and answers have been given code letters to enable you to ‘talk’ using the code letters.

More information, and copies of the codes in a variety of languages, at



John Bont, the 2016 JOTA-JOTI game

New this year, is a new adventure from ‘John Bont‘.

Help John Bont, a special agent of the Bureau of Information and Valuables on his new mission.

More information at:



JOTA-JOTI Campfires

New this year, is a series of ‘JOTA-JOTI Campfires’. These are discussions on a series of topics that you can join. Scheduled topics are ‘Measuring Social Impact’, ‘What’s happening in the Interamerican Scout Region’, ‘Young People in Poverty and Disability’ and ‘Young People with Disabilities’.

Further information at website is the website for world Scouting.  The website includes a host of information on world Scouting as well as information on a whole host of local Scouting projects etc.

We have our own JOTA-JOTI 2016 series of webpages on the website at in addition to the information at    The pages will be for you to update with information and photographs from your JOTA-JOTI adventure.

We are keen for individuals, Groups etc to post photographs and reports from your JOTA-JOTI activities on to the JOTA-JOTI Log Book on  If you do not already have a log in / profile for the website then you are advised to create a login ready to use during the JOTA-JOTI weekend.


HRD Lognews-hrd

Do you want to plot your JOTA radio contacts on an online map?

If so, you may be interested in the HRD Log facility.  Further information, and links to download the software, is on our website.



JamPuz is a key component of JOTA-JOTI.   JamPuz (short for Jamboree Puzzle) is way to swap identity codes with other JOTA-JOTI participants that you interact with during JOTA-JOTI.  Each registered JOTA-JOTI location is issued with a JOTA-JOTI ID (known as a JID), and it is these codes that you exchange as part of your conversation with others.

You are encouraged to publish photos of your involvement in JamPuz on both Facebook and

Further information on JamPuz is available at   There is also a page of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you, or email any query to us.

Don’t forget to download your JamPuz documents before your JOTA-JOTI activity.


Participation Certificates

You can download a Participation Certificate from here.


JOTI Radionews-jotiradio

Our friends at JOTI Radio will be providing an on-line radio station throughout the JOTA-JOTI weekend.  You will be able to listen via or via Tunein.

During the weekend you will be able to send in your song requests, as well as listening to a variety of music, chat, contests and special guests.  This year there are two JOTI Radio channels to choose from.




Are you planning to use Skype during JOTA-JOTI?

We have set up three ‘Facebook events’ to help you make Skype contacts: Friday, Saturday, Sundayskype_logo

Further information at

Tip: Ensure you have the latest version of Skype installed on the relevant device(s) before you start your JOTA-JOTI weekend.


Social Media

twitter-icon If you have a Facebook account then please ‘like’ our Facebook account.   This will help us to keep you informed, as well as give you an opportunity to learn how others are progressing with their JOTA-JOTI plans.

twitter-icon If you have a Twitter account then please follow us @jotajoti.  If you’re tweeting concerning JOTA-JOTI then please include the hashtag #JOTAJOTI

instagram-icon We also have an Instagram account with the hashtag #JOTAJOTI

YouTube logo We also have a YouTube Channel where you can upload your videos.

There is also the opportunity to add your JOTA-JOTI photographs and stories to the website.

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