Follow Sinbad

Sinbad is a small Scout who travels around the world.

He visits many countries. You can now join Sinbad on his travels.


Sinbad is traveling around the world. Imagine that he comes to your country and meets you..! Make the story about:

1-   What interesting places that you will show him?

2-   What you will tell him about Scouting in your country?

3-   If you have pictures about Scouts, which one you will show him?

4-   And what would you tell him about Scouting history in your country?

Let Sinbad learn from you and he will tell the world about your country in his great stories. So wrote your story for Sinbad:

  • Max lines is 200.
  • The story should cover the four questions above.
  • Submit your story by clicking the button below