2015 JOTA-JOTI Registration

The Sign-Up system for JOTA-JOTI 2015 is being handled on the scout.org website (the main website for world Scouting).  We are asking that one person from each JOTA-JOTI location completed the sign-up / registration system.  Nearer the event you will be able to see information on all the registered locations.

If you submitted your details through the ‘pre-registration’ system, your data is being transferred across to the new registration system.

If you do not already have a scout.org username
If you do not already have a scout.org username or profile then you will need to create one before you are able to register your JOTA-JOTI location.  This is a simple process and is completed here.
After you register on scout.org you will receive an automated email confirmation of your scout.org registration, please verify your email address by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.  (If you have not received that email please check your ‘spam folder’.)  Should you have any problem with the registration please email webmaster@scout.org
Once your scout.org registration is complete and verified, you can sign-up for JOTA-JOTI here (you will then be asked to login to your new scout.org account).
Request a scout.org account

If you already have scout.org username
If you already have a scout.org username (and can remember your password), then you can sign-up for JOTA-JOTI 2015 here.
If you have forgotten your scout.org username or password, then this can be reset here.

You will receive an automated email after your registration is complete, the email will provide a link to enable you to amend or update your registration.

In addition to the world-wide registration system above we are aware that some national associations are also operating a national registration system.  The national registration systems are in addition to the world registration system referred to above.


Information entered in to the sign-up / registration system will be used to help administer JOTA-JOTI 2015.  Information will be used within the World Organization of the Scout Movement and may also be shared with national Scout Associations.  An extract of the information will also be published on the JOTA-JOTI website.  Please email pbird@scout.org if you have any query regarding use of data.