Tell your story

Did you send your JOTA-JOTI story yet to your National Coordinator?

Your NJC makes a selection which is forwarded to the World Scout Bureau. Perhaps your story or pictures end up in the World Report? Wouldn’t that be exciting?

The entry deadline is 15 December. MAke sure your NJC gets to hear your story before then.

National JOTA-JOTI Story available

We look forward to hear and see your stories of the JOTA-JOTI weekend.

The form for your National JOTA-JOTI report is now available for download by the National JOTAJOTI Coordinator.

It is available in two formats under the NJC login page.

Participation Certificate

Make sure that each Scout at your JOTA-JOTI station receives a participation certificate as a special recognition of their efforts.

You can download the card at JOTA-JOTI 2015 Participation Certificate.

certificate-images Activity for JOTA-JOTI

Check out the new activity for use during your JOTA-JOTI weekend. is a free crowd-learning platform where you will learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and start taking concrete steps to reach them. Not only will you learn lots of new things and skills, you will also make new friends from all over the world. Together you’ll make the world a better place and have fun at the same time.

Want to join us on the world’s most important quest? Start at


Get ready for JOTA-JOTI with ScoutLink

scoutlink logo
Don’t forget that you can use ScoutLink all year – it will be very busy during the JOTA-JOTI weekend.

Now would be a good time to take a look at the ScoutLink system, software and apps.


Updated contact list for NJCs

The list of National JOTA-JOTI Coordinators for each country has been updated for you; it is available under the “contacts” tab of this web site.

CQ Jamboree: 8N23WSJ

The 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan is on the air with her own Amateur Radio station.

Scouts from around the world can be contacted around the clock.

Call sign: 8N23WSJ

QTH: Yamaguchi, Japan

Operation: 29 July – 7 August 2015

QRG: around the Scout Frequencies.

Check the best possible radio propagation and times for you at

Can’t hear us? Or only have your computer available?  Try using an on-line amateur radio receiver closer to Japan via this web site:

Catch a glimpse of the Jamboree spirit via amateur radio or on-line!

Updated NJC list

The new list of National Coordinators has a few minor updates.

The latest version is always available under the Contact tab at this web site.