2014 JOTA-JOTI Report Published

The 2014 World JOTA-JOTI Report was considered and approved at the recent meeting of the World Scout Committee and is now published.

This year the report is available in various formats:

  • a comprehensive 40+ page report in a similar format to previous years
  • a 4 page highlights report
  • a webpage with the highlights

The highlights are available at www.world-jotajoti.info/2014highlights

The documents are available as part of the ‘library’ of annual reports at www.world-jotajoti.info/annualreports

A new JOTA-JOTI in the making

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The World JOTAJOTI Team met at the World Scout Bureau office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 10 and 11 February 2015 to set the course for this years event.

Lots of new ideas were generated together with the WSB staff.  The team identified three focal points for this Year: the registration tooling, games content and National support. Details will follow soon, so stay tuned.

Thank you National Coordinators….

for sending us 35 National JOTAJOTI Stories.

And all pictures, illustrations and web links included in those. The World JOTAJOTI team is now very busy compiling the World Report from all contributions.


Did you sent your JOTAJOTI story yet?

Your National Coordinator will send his / her National Report on JOTAJOTI to the World Scout Bureau before 15 December 2014.

Make sure your station is in it !

An overview of already received reports is available to your National Coordinator at the NJC page on this website.

Where to upload information

Information on your JOTA-JOTI adventures and information can be uploaded to a variety of locations:

JamPuz – During JamPuz you can upload photographs and stories to our Facebook page, to the JOTA-JOTI Logbook (using hastag JOTAJOTI), to your Twitter account (using hashtag JOTAJOTI) or to Instagram (using hastag JOTAJOTI).  At the end of your JOTA-JOTI experience there is an online form to submit the JIDs you collect and provide your feedback.

Sinbad – You can submit your Sinbad Stories through the Sinbad webpages

Log Book new this year - Our JOTA-JOTI Log Book is for you to upload stories and photographs from your JOTA-JOTI adventures – www.scout.org/jotajoti2014 (using hashtag JOTAJOTI) – If you do not already have a user account / profile for the scout.org website then you will need to create one.  You can also use the Log Book to share photos of your JamPuz cards, you completing some of our challenges, and generally enjoying your JOTA-JOTI experience.

Challenges – It would be great if you could publish details of your JOTA-JOTI challenges etc on-line.  This could be on your own website, to our Facebook page, to the JOTA-JOTI Logbook (using hastag JOTAJOTI), to your Twitter account (using hashtag JOTAJOTI) or to Instagram (using hastag JOTAJOTI).

Les Mitchell, G3BHK SK – Les Mitchell, the person initially behind JOTA sadly passed away on 6 October [more info].  Scouts, Leaders and Radio Amateurs are cordially invited to share their view on what JOTA-JOTI means to them in a short message with hashtag #G3BHK on www.scout.org/jotajoti2014

G3BHK gone home

In memory of Les , we call upon all stations for the upcoming JOTA-JOTI weekend to have 1 minute radio- and internet silence on

18 October at 12:00 UTC.


Leslie Mitchell, G3BHK, SK


The World JOTAJOTI Team has just received the sad news that the founding father of the Jamboree On The Air (JOTA), Mr Leslie Mitchell, has gone home on 6 October 2014.

Les started of the JOTA in 1958, after launching the idea at the World Scout Jamboree a year earlier. The Jamboree had an Amateur Radio station on board for the very first time. (It has had one ever since).

You can read more of what Les himself remembers of those first days, by clicking his photograph.


Join our Campfire……

The Digital Campfire for JOTA-JOTI has just opened….

Check out how you can join us here:


Traduções deste website

Agora temos muitas páginas deste site traduzidas para o Português, Espanhol, Francês e Árabe. Você precisa selecionar a tradução desejada em cada página, selecionando o idioma no botão suspenso, que fica no canto superior direito, ou ainda, a partir da lista na parte inferior da página. Se o idioma desejado não for exibido, significa que nós ainda não conseguimos traduzir essa página para a língua desejada.

E isso é possível graças ao árduo trabalho de nossa equipe de tradutores voluntários: Ronan Reginatto, Luis Pascual, Andrea Garza, Soledad Garcia, Ali Al-Mamari, e Wael El-Naghy. Não podemos deixar de dizer também que isso foi possível graças à equipe da   WPML.org,  que forneceu o software de tradução para o nosso site.




Se você tem habilidade na tradução do Inglês para o seu idioma e pode trabalhar com o tipo de interface de processamento de texto usado neste  site, entre em contato com  jim@world-jotajoti.info

Follow HB9S on line

You can now follow all contacts made via short-wave radio by the World Scout Bureau radio station HB9S. Click the map for details.

Want to display your own radio contacts on line? Here is how to do that.